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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 29, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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hurricane isaac is now pounding new orleans as it pushes through. an overnight fire is under investigation this morning. we'll tell yu a city crew is on scene right now to help with the aftermath. we're live at uc berkeley where police are trying to figure out who stole thousands of dollars worth of electronic
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equipment. and no one will move heaven and earth like mitt romney to headache this place a better -- to make this place a better place to live. >> ann romney's speech and what is at stake for tonight's speakers. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, august 29th. happening right now, hurricane isaac is slamming new orleans. some people are slapped this their homes as floodwaters are spilling over a levee in one of the parishes. we have team coverage and our meteorologist, steve paulson, is tracking the path of isaac.
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we'll also take to you mississippi where the gulf waters are rising. the coast is finally clear after a fire at a nursery that was particularly challenging to fight. it started just before hid night at the summer winds nursery. firefighters say when they arrived, they noticed more smoke than usual and strange color and flames lorraine blanco has more. >> reporter: good morning. the city crew is set to come back out here in just a little bit to pump the water you see out there in the parking lot, out of here, take it out of the parking lot and dispose of it safety. firefighters say the water was tested. it is okay. but had is an exextra precaution -- but this is an
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extra precaution. firefighters arrived to find the building fully engulfed. it quickly grew to three alarms. there are a lot of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers on site. at one point, the firefighters turned off the hoses. the area manager said they plan to take care of their 20 something employees and reopening as soon as they can with their customers. >> it's a big piece of property and -- have to demolish this and sell plants. >> this is new video of the damage. the building is a total loss next to the building that can be salvaged. there were no injuries out here. the cause of the fire is still on scene and the arson investigators were out here. back to you. >> thank you. 7:03. the search is on for the thieves who stole more than 2 dozen ipads from uc berkeley.
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ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is live to explain why police may have such a theft. >> reporter: good morning. police say this is a crime that, along with other stolen items, amounts to $1,000. earlier this summer between june 15 and august 10th, an android electronics tablet and headphones were stolen. in other cases, police were able to track down the thieves on craigslist but not in this case. now, in july, burglars struck
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mullford hall and in that case, they made off with 39 computers. police did recover those. we're waiting for an update and we'll bring that to you. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we're continuing to track developing news out of oakland, the westbound 508 on an offramp at west macarthur boulevard is closed while police conduct an investigation. this is after a goddy was found in the -- body was found in the roadway. police say the death is suspicious. >> sal's been on that for a while now. you are watching also the toll plaza. it's pretty heavy. >> it is. traffic is moving along slowly there at the toll plaza. the sun is blasting us. it's bached up to the macarthur -- backed up to the maze. we haven't had any problems in
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oakland. on 880 it looks pretty good. southbound 80 looks good and then it begins to slow down once you reach fremont. on the peninsula, the traffic is moving well. we had an accident at north flynn. and the traffic in -- coming into the livermore valley is not great. if you happen to be getting on the freeway after livermore in dublin, it looks good. mostly clear, a few high clouds coming up from southern california. they will just clip by us. really the bigger news is there's some fog starting to increase on the coast. yesterday, that was not the case. still warm to hot inland. stares's -- there's still not much of a sea breeze. sunny, mild, late breeze for the bay.
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but still warm to hot inland. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. sonoma county, airport 46. i did see a 44 outside of kentwood. there's some cool numbers. fairfield, concord and also livermore, 55. overnight lows all running cooler. there's not much of a breeze and very warm temperatures aloft away from the coast. 60s 70s 80s and 90s. only west at 8 at fairfield right now. there's mott much of a breeze -- there's not much of a breeze yet. 90 morgan hill. cupertino, 83. 6 in the city, 60 on the coast -- 68 in the city, 60s by the coast. menlo park 81. woodside, 83. fog lightning will be on the increase and -- fog will be on
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the increase. and then it will be warmer. 7:07. a lot was riding on ann romney's speech. >> this man will not let us down. this man will lift up america. >> reaction to her much- anticipateed speech and who will be speaking today. and who will be speaking today? and if you are not a baseball fan, you have to be impressed by an unbelievable catch, right there. b)c b)c
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we have a cooler pattern for us here, some fog on the coast, that fog bank is still very shallow. it will be a cooler pattern. well, as you though, it's borderline hurricane now, tropical storm isaac has 65
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miles an hour. still gusts to 75. it has moved onshore just to the west of new orleans. heavy-duty rain will be the big issue as will be the storm surge. let's go to george howell and ike right there on you, i can see -- isaac right there on you, i can see. >> reporter: indeed, steve. we're paying close attention to your reports and the reporting coming from the national weather service. the fact that this hurricane has weakened a little bit, that's good news for us out here and the people that decided to wait this storm out. it's bringing in a lot of storms. we may see 70 mile-an-hour sustained winds. a lot of rainfall is causing problems. hurricane isaac came ashore tuesday night, the center of the storm moving over
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plaquemines parish, louisiana. it brought sustained winds of 80 miles an hour. >> that's the same kind of damage we received on katrina, the hole in the roof and, i'm just blown away from this category 1 storm. >> reporter: guest -- gust coast residents are -- >> we have a lot of standing water in the city. you have a potential for a lot of catastrophe and a lot of electrical young outages. >> it's unbelievable this water
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is up this high. >> reporter: some people could be experiencing hurricane or tropical storm conditions for a day or longer. you know, there's an old cliche that as a journalist, i try to avoid the line that it will get worse before it gets better but that may be the situation out here right now bus we know we're in a place -- because we know that we're in a place where we'll get more stronger winds and rain and before it leaves we'll see more flooding in the area. we also know, steve, there were rescues that happened, three adults and one infant had to be rescued from a house boat. also what's happening in new orleans with the rainfall that's -- that's happening there around the levee over the top. just a situation that will continue until the storm moves out. >> all right. that's george howell, he's in gulf port, mississippi. nice job there, george. 7:13. while hurricane isaac is causing problems for gulf coast residents there's a silver
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lining for some. coming up at 7:26. the reason some people in the midwest say isaac could help ease a dire situation. new this morning, authorities say a communication problem between a pilot and an air traffic control problem, led to a hijacking stair in amsterdam. the airline says amsterdam's protocol for security was activated due to a temporary loss of communication between the plane and the air traffic control. so fighter jets escorted the plane. but they say the plane was not hijacked. governor jerry brown says his newly revised pension plan to save the state billions of dollars. this would mostly affect new state employees. if approved, the plan could cap and reduce pension payouts.
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they would forfeit their pensions if they were convicted of some felonies. some labor leaders say this plan cuts out the right to negotiate contracts. in election news, mitt romney's vice presidential running mate, paul ryan, delivers his acceptance speech at the republican national conviction. ren they marsh is live at the -- renee marsh is live at the convention to tell us about the
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buzz around the 2 headliners. >> reporter: good morning. both were speaking to a group of women. here at the convention hall, all is quiet, but last night, the crowd went absolutely wild for the 2 headline speeches, ann romney and chris christie who -- >> we stand up for mitt romney! [ cheers ] >> mitt romney will tell us the hard truths we need to hear to
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put us on a path to growth and create good-paying jobs. >> reporter: but the most anticipated speech of the evening may have been from ann. >> what a welcome! >> reporter: she shared personal experiences, even their love story, bringing tears to the crowd. >> i can't tell you what will happen over the next four years but i can stand here tonight as a wife, a mother and a grandmother, and make you this solemn commitment. this man will not fail! [ cheers ] >> reporter: touching on a weakness for the candidate, ann played to the female vote go it's the moms who have had to work a little harder to make it right, it's the moms, single, married widows. >> i love you women [ cheers ] >> reporter: and mitt romney head his first convention appearance right after his wife's appearance, he gave her
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a dug hug and toe her she did -- hug and told her she did a great job. health officials asked the military as recently as may to increase radiation testing. however, the navy reportedly responded by asking health officials not to put their concerns in writing. now, in august, the navy announced for for the first time some of the ships at the treasure island naval station may have been contaminated with radiation. the navy also said the school that trained sailors for
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nuclear warfare may have been -- this woman said she contracted the hantavirus while visiting yosemite park. she says a blood test confirmed she has antibodies for the can possibly be carried by fatal. salmon fishermen say this season is shaping up to be better than. they say the number of fish they are bringing back to shore varies. some trips are very successful,
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while others return with very few fish. theel is mon season in this part of california ends on the -- the salmon season in this part of california ends november 30th. a new baby calf was delivered yesterday. she's here bonding with her mother. the calf was born weighing 200 pounds and within minutes was up on her feet. zoo officials have yet to give this little baby a name. >> time now about 7:20. it was one of the best catches of major league baseball. former stanford catcher hit a foul ball near the line. he lost it and then the short stop dove and grabbed it just inches from the ground right
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there. crawford, nonchalantly said, it looked better on the replay. [laughter] >> a little volleyball. 7:20. get ready for some hot temperatures in some bay area cities today. steve paulson will be back to tell us where the temperatures will climb in the 90s. a new policy on muni appears to prove there are plenty of honest people in san francisco.
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look at this. no one was hurt but boy, quite a mess in sausalito. an elderly driver crashed into
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a 7/11 store around 8:40 on bridgeway boulevard. trucks smashed large windows and knocked items off display shelves. with you the driver -- neither the driver nor anyone else was hurt. muni reports taking in almost $14 million last month. there was no drop in revenue. after the -- that's a 19% increase in fares compared to last year. muni says it's hard to seal if this is a trend but this could be a sign -- tell if this is a trend but this could an sign that people are not trying to sneak in the back on the bus. let's go to sal. >> we have a few incidents. let's take a look at westbound
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24. that traffic is moving pretty well. it's pretty crowded as you drive through the area. there are no major problems on the way. as you look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing. there have been no major crashes on the bridge but it's been a little bit slow. there was an accident near the metering lights a motorcycle in the right lane. that accident is off to the far right. so you might want to stay off to the left if you cup to the toll plaza. and this morning, again, westbound 580, we had an earlier accident at north flynn. the traffic getting into castro valley. let's go to steve we have some fog out there. maybe highway 1. inland it's not going to make an impact until tomorrow. so temperatures there inland, 80s, 90s. hurricane isaac has moved inland just to the west of new
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orleans. the lakefront airports have had 9 inches of airport. 75 miles per hour, just border line hurricane strength as it moves inland, you can see the -- you can see the rain in shreveport. this could produce rain as far away as michigan. some of those clouds in california, still warm to hot inland. kind of a big difference in temperatures here. 60s for some to 90s for others. 46 sonoma county airport. the system moving to the north will start to make aen impact on the coast today. inland temperatures, cooler
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pattern, thursday, friday, saturday. while isaac is causing a lot of problems on folks on the gulf coast, it could provide much-needed relief. nebraska, arkansas, missouri, illinois are in the worst stages of drought. they say they could use a good soaking and we saw from the map, the storm will be traveling north and over much of those drought-stricken areaias -- aias -- drought- stricken areas. there was a rural levee that was breached and there was heavy rain, flooding to homes and it knocked out a lot of power. 7:27. crying to catch a police impersonator in pleasanton. what he did after micking a woman pull her car off the -- off the road.
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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a water main break -- it is 7:0. a water main break is -- 7:30. as we first told you about this at noon yesterday, 2 underground pipes ruptured causing the ground near the cow palace to crumble. claudine wong is at the scene where repairs will resume. >> reporter: yes. the water department just got back to us and said the repairs are underway but are "far from over" you. and you can see why -- over "and you can see why. you can see folks from the city as assess what's going on. pg&e was out here a little earlier. we do know water and power has been restored to everyone who
7:32 am
lives in the neighborhood. this house that's been red tagged. this was downstreamed from the huge water main break. so folks are having huge issues including how to get their cars out. if you take a look at this building right next to it, too, this the story we've been talking about, the building right this front of us is actually the parish hall flooded. they are gonna leave that for now. their main focus is getting the -- the man in charge of cleaning up that area said his main priority is getting the classrooms ready for the kids. even though the school sold us september 10th is when they asuperred they will resume -- assumed they will resume classes, he said it's his goal to have everything wrapped up
7:33 am
by tuesday if he can to get those kids back into school earlier. back to you. a drive-by shooting is now a homicide investigation. overnight we learned a victim died shortly after being transported to highland hospital. the man was gunned down last night. shots were fired from two cars, witnesses say, but police are still trying to confirm that information. pleasanton police are looking for a man who sexually
7:34 am
assaulted a woman and impersonated a police officer. a woman said she heard the chirp of the police car and pulled over. happening right now, hurricane isaac really pounding new orleans on this, the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. isaac came ashore last night, really causing big problems in
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plaquemines parish. flood waters spilled over a 17- mile stretch of levees there, trapping some residents in their homes. the rescues are delayed because of the poor conditions you see here. one woman in st. bernard parish talked about riding out the storm. >> it's been a wind-and-rain event. it's up to the top now and i've never seen it up to the top. >> wow. the waters expected to keep rising higher. 61 people will be going to
7:36 am
the gulf coast from the red cross. volunteers in louisiana, mississippi and alabama, they are already preparing to open evacuation centers. 7:35. it's back to business for united airlines this morning after computer problems caused delays and -- for 200 flights across the country. passengers at san francisco international airport, which is a big hub for united, were greeted by long lines yesterday, after computers were down for almost three hours. united says it's been having company pewter problems since -- computer problems since marge -- since march. >> the united hubs were hit hardest by the outage.
7:37 am
a couple of met a seller from craigslist. the seller tricked the couple in the car and drove to another area to get an accomplice. another court hear something set for this afternoon for the man who is charged with kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. we've been told the 21-year-old will not be in court. instead the district attorney will ask for another postponement of a plea hearing. 15-year-old sierra lamar went missing pack in march. volunteers will be searching for her today as they do every
7:38 am
wednesday and saturday. jessie nesbit is facing felony charges, including assault with a deadly weapon in this occupy protest. it sounds like the start of a joke. some people are dumping chicken along the roads in the sacramento town of fair oaks village. it's one of the few communities that allow birds to roam free. but residents say they were growing tired. there are typically 100 chickens
7:39 am
running freely. 7:38. sal is watching the road. you are watching the south bay. what's going on. we don't have anything unusual like chickens but we have slow traffic there if you are driving any -- driving any time soon. 280 is slowing down from around the corner all the way up into cupertino.
7:40 am
another live picture to show you the bay bridge. it's pretty thick. it's backed up to the 880 overcrossing. 7:9. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a little bit of fog on the coast. it will be -- it will be cooler by the beaches. first of all, hurricane -- it's borderline hurricane/tropical storm. it's already punched in to the west of new orleans. it lightnings like -- it looks like it will take it up to shreveport. storm surge 6 to 11 feet, as it
7:41 am
moves north, it will produce very heavy rain and the track will go up to the great lakes, giving much-needed rain. it's a bad situation but for some it will give some rain. for us, some of those higher clouds just inching up. high pressure, gives inland temperatures one moyer day of warm temperatures. fog, sun, cooler by the coast. it will be nice by the bay and then hot inland. 4, santa rosa. 50s for host -- 46, santa rosa. 50s for most location -- for most locations.
7:42 am
today, warm to hot. 80s, 90s away from the coast but 60s, 70s. vallejo 82. condition cord, 90. 92 brentwood. 70 alameda. pleasanton 89. 83 san jose, santa cruz was 90. we'll go 90 -- 80 today. it will be cooler. san bruno 72. woodside, 83. fog on the increase for inland temperatures. it will be warmer on sunday. >> thank you, steve. a south bay school district under fire. the dramatic move made by parents following the arrest of a third-trade teacher. and too cozy a relationship? what's raised concerns between the white house and the makings of the movie of the osama bin laden raid.
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osama bin laden. raid.
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stocks were flat. the government said the economy grew at a slightly better pace than thought. samsung says it will continue its legal battle with apple. the company says it will fight to make sure its products are available in this country. that's after apple asked the
7:46 am
judge several of samsung's products. samsung will appeal the $1 billion judgment against it and could pursue more action if the product ban is put in place. well, mitt romney flies to indianapolis this morning. as alison burns report,s, his -- reports, his running mate will be stealing the show. >> reporter: mitt romney surprised the crowd last night after his wife's speech and stayed to watch chris christie. >> our ideas are right for america and their ideas have -- have failed america. >> reporter: for paul ryan, tonight will be his first big
7:47 am
opportunity to reach a wide national audience. he's expected to talk about his catholic middle class upbringing. make you keep it right here. we've been streaming our coverage and we'll have live reports through tomorrow. later tomorrow, president obama wraps up his visits to college towns. he's encouraging students to go to the polls in november telling them their votes do
7:48 am
matter. 7:47. a new book about the raid that killed osama bin laden raises questions about the al qaeda leader's death. the author, a former navy s.e.a.l. who took part in the raid, says bin laden was shot in the head as he locked out his bedroom door. that contradicts previous reports that says he was shot while possibly reaching for a weapon. there's backlash over a movie. there's now concern the
7:49 am
filmmakers may have had special access to classified information. the movie was originally going to be released in october but has been redelayed until after the -- delayed until after the red sox. 7:49. ktvu news has learned that a lawsuit has been filed against a south bay school district where a former teacher is accused of child molestation. that teacher, craig chandler, taughtrd grade at ob -- taught third grade at ob school.
7:50 am
the family of one of the students is now suing chandler as well as a former principal and the evergreen elementary school district. >> like most pet doe files, he's -- pedophiles, he's crafty and smart and goes after victims who may not be able to report these things as someone else. >> chandler's next court hearing is set for october. a legal batter over who owns your tweets is making its
7:51 am
way through the new york system. twitter fighting a judge's order to hand over information to prosecutors about a man arrested during an occupy protest. twitter says its owners own their content and have the right to fight this. the new u thumb ktvu -- the new ktvu ipad is ready download. it's available any time anywhere. 7:51. homeless advocates are raising awareness about the young people and fotter homes. homes-- and foster homes.
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advocates say many homeless youth are former foster children. according to the youth connection, 0% of foster children end up homeless. >> i would like to continue my education. that's something that really means a lot to me. >> advocates say one shelter
7:55 am
serves for youth. they hope to have the area at fifth and king clear of debris. counselors were onhand to help. the enkarnment was the largest in -- the encampment was the largest in san francisco. 7:55. some slow spots out there. wednesday morning. a lot of people heading back to school and sal joins us with an
7:56 am
update. >> that's true, tori and dave, we have a lot of people back on the commute. we're hoping to see last lighter commute -- to see lighter commutes as we get closer to labor day. looking at the san mateo bridge, it looks pretty good. it's not quite as clear as it was yesterday. but it's clear enough that airlines will not be delayed coming into san francisco because of weather. i'm told by sfo, at least, unless something changes. and the morning commute on the peninsula is busy. you can see 101, san mateo is slowing down. let's go to steve now. we have some fog. there was nothing there yesterday. very, very tiny bit. inland, it won't matter. there will definitely be a warm to hot pattern away from the coast. let's talk about -- we have
7:57 am
hurricane isaac holding on to hurricane status. it's right on the border. anywhere from 3 to 10 inches of rain so far. as it moves inland, it loses its energy source. overnight lows are running cooler than yesterday by about 5 degrees. that system will allow more fog to move in tonight and tomorrow. but cooler by the coast. hot inland, temperatures any -- where from the 60s to the 90s. 6 to 93, that will -- 63 to 93
7:58 am
will cover the spread. hurricane isaac drenching the gulf coast with heavy rain, high linds an -- high winds. and where people are trapped in their homes. the city is planning a cleanup. we'll tell you why a crew is busy testing the losteverrer water in the neighborhood -- leftover water in the neighborhood. ♪
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good morning. welcome back. >> i'm dave clark. in overnight news for you, an early-morning building fire had san jose firefighters worried about possible tox runoff. the foyer started at a garden
8:01 am
supply store in san jose. >> reporter: this is at branam and firefighters arrived to find the building completely engulfed. >> the smoke from the pesticides burning will be toxic. but we knew we had no plume.
8:02 am
if we had a very windy night, we would have had to change our tactics and risk the waterways but the tactics -- but the tactics were dead on. after taking a good look around i'm told 50% of the plants arrived. he says he has plans to open a temporary business as soon as he can. again, the city is driving around the neighborhood testing this runoff on the ground and making sure that it is safe. reporting live in san jose, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. a san francisco fire in the richmond district forced 2 elderly people out of their house. the fire started -- the fire happened about 1:00 near balboa. firefighters say it appears -- there was an electrical short in the wall. the people who lived in the
8:03 am
house, they won't be able to go home. worary tracking developing news out of oakland. we walk -- we talked about it earlier today. the westbound 580 are reopened following the investigation of a death. police closed down those ramps after a body was found in the middle of the road. police say the death is suspicious. if you have they information information about what happened, get in contact with the emeryville police. uc berkeley are investigating a theft of electronics worth thousands of dollars. tara moriarty is live with more. >> reporter: well, we just spoke to police here who said they are investigating the possibility that this could be an inside job. they say that june 15th, inside the lawrence hill of science, 9
8:04 am
ipads were stored inside of a locked cabinet. the person had their keys stolen -- the person inside had their keys stolen or lost. the individual waited 17 days to report the crime. police are -- police are not -- police say all of the stole i -- all of the stolen items together amount to $13,000. in july, burglars struck mullford hall and they made off with more electronics which was recovered later. a survey pub lived by the l.a.
8:05 am
times say 85% have wait lists. and the students have to wait longer for financial aid and caning. a controversial form of therapy aimed at making gay teenagers straight is one step closer to being banned in california. in a 52-22 vote, the state assembly approved a bill banning so called conversion therapy. the bill returns to the senate for a final vote. soul trans is monitoring some of the vallejo bus lines so the students won'ting -- so the students won't be late for
8:06 am
-- won't be late for school. the chp is tracking down on drivers who don't slow down when driving through a cone zone. the increased enforcement follows six deaths in july. now here in the bay area 2 people died when they crashed into a construction zone early this month. the state law says if you are driving, you have to slow down while you are near a work site.
8:07 am
here in la fayette it's moderate but around the corner, we do have slow traffic. 680 southbound is still slow down to the alamo area. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's steady -- from about 6:30. but it really got heavy in the 7:00 hour. on the peninsula, it's slow. this is kind of troubling here. the area here coming into livermore off the altamont pass has been very slow and then this here from san leandro all the way down to fremont a lot of it is stop and go traffic. we're in the heart of the commune. if you are trying to get from the south bay to the east bay, you should plan on a lot of
8:08 am
time. >> still warm to hot inland but cooler by the coast and play. some of that fog, though, even though it's shallow it's there. after today, low pressure moves in and then this will probably table us into saturday. but today if you are by the coast, 60s, 70s. if you are away from it 80s and 90s. we had some 40s. the source of the cooler pattern, a little increase in the fog is a little system -- even though there's not much of a delta breeze, at least not yet, warm to hot inland. cooler by the water's edge. temperatures in the 60s, around the bay and then 80s inland and then other locations, the warmest out towards the inland
8:09 am
locations. 81 menlo park. 68 in the city. it looks like fog will be picking up in intensity. all the way inland. saturday kind of levels off a little warmer on sunday. 8:08. still talking about the republican convention. mitt romney's wife gets personal at the convention. >> what mitt romney and i have is a real marriage. and what new e-mail suggests about a possible coverup of radiation fears at treasure island.
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8:12 am
a little bit of fog on the coast. still warm to hot with 8s an -- 80s and -- 8s and 90s. 8 os and nine os. george howell is right in the middle of the hurricane. let's go right to him. what's going on? >> reporter: when you look at where we are on the radar, you can tell that we're in one of
8:13 am
the big bands now of this hurricane, though it's weakened, you really can't tell us. winds are expected here today. and also rainfall, rainfall is causing flooding. as long as the system stays overhead, we will continue to see these problems throughout the day. hurricane isaac came ashore tuesday night, the center moving over plaquemines's parish. it was there that the torrential rainfall crossed the levee. >> not only did we see the worst-case scenario, it got worse than that by this storm j stalling and sitting out here. the levees -- levees can only take so much. >> the local police came around 2:00 and told you the lev
8:14 am
ebroke. and within -- levee and within an hour, the quarters -- the water was coming up. the water came up so quick. it looked liked like we lost everything. >> people have to understand the height of this hush is very dangerous to try to send teams in. >> hurricane katrina left nearly 1800 people dead and caused billions in damage. in mississippi. >> the authorities say the water has risen faster than expected. isaac is moving slowly which means some gulfseses could be sper -- gulf residents could be experiencing that. i talked to an official here and he said his biggest concern
8:15 am
-- the rainfall, the sustained rainfall. many people were tolled to evacuate and get out of the thor is , out of the areas. poem will return to find their ems -- to find their homes flooded. the winds sustained overnight will knock out power lines and treeing. >> thank you, george, noise john there. >> as you can so rain is supposed to continue all day and all night. about 500,000 people are without police. all over the gulf -- all over the gulf. 8:15. new this movings with there a
8:16 am
hijacking stair in am her dam this morning but authorities say it turned out 0 to be a communeny education had a -- it turned out to be a miscommunication. the funeral is being held today for steve ercolino, the man shot in the empire state building shooting. during the capture, police wounded nine bystanders. there are reports of internal e-mail are showing a possibly cover up of radiation
8:17 am
problems. the it asked. -- the military asked for increased testing. however, the y the not to put this hads temperature their -- not to put concerns had it for the you eye lapd. the system. 8:17. in election news, system niches his commenttion speech -- this
8:18 am
is jab na ryan -- this is jana ryan, the i would of paul ryan and they are teching a woman of testimony. >> we stand up for mitt romney as the next president of the united states together. [ cheers ] >> new jersey governor chris christie delivers the testimony on mitt romney willle it us the hard truths we need hear. >> but the most.
8:19 am
>> ky not tell you what --ky not tell you what is gonna happen over the next four years. but i can only make you a solemn make, this monday. >> it's the moms who had have to to work hard and haing. >> and it was right after that -- and it was right after that speech that mitt romney showed up on the stage hugging his wife. looking forward to today we'll hear several more speeches.
8:20 am
back to you. >> h. :19. lawmakers in new zealand vote today on legalizing same-sex marriage. this is the first of three votes. cleanup is now underway of some boat wreckage that washed up bodega bay. the 35-foot boat called the sea biscuit pulled up. they see some of the items and wreck -- they say some of the items an wreckage could could
8:21 am
could -- could be harmful to the animal complaining. 7. ra woman from stockton may be the latest yosemite visitor to contract the hantavirus.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
it is 8:24. a woman from stock ton says she may have contracted hantavirus after visiting yosemite national park. >> by wednesday i was flat on my back.
8:25 am
i couldn't get out of bed. i felt a huge heaviness to my chest. >> a blood test confirms show has the disease. after years of having a shortened or canceled sal conseason, they say the amount of fish they are bringing back has varied. some of the fishing trips were very successful.
8:26 am
and an elephant gave birth to her calf yesterday. she weighed 200 pounds at birth. a few minutes after birth, show was walking around. [laughter] >> and i love how the mother's trunk helped -- >> she's flapping her ears at you. >> yeah, saying hi. 80, from richmond down to berkeley, still very slow. between san leandro and oakland and hayward at fremont, it's
8:27 am
just a mess. let's go to live pictures. this is the bay bridge. >> we have a almost bit of fog on the coast. it will start a cool down by the coast. yesterday, santa cruz, 90 degrees. yes, yes. i know. that's what i said. warm to hot inland.
8:28 am
a warning this morning from pg&e who has been out there impersonating pg&e workers to gain access at one bay area neighborhood. crews are on the scene of that water main break in san francisco as repairs get underway.
8:29 am
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and chase what matters.
8:31 am
welcome back. 8:30. happening now -- the army corps of engineers says so farer, the new levee system in new orleans is holding up even as hurricane isaac blows through that area. our reporter elizabeth pramm joins us live. >> reporter: i know we're feeling the brunt. we're in the northeastern quad restaurant of the storm. we're starting to get those 6 to 80 mile-an-hour per mother -- 80-mile-per-hour-wind gusts. the positive news, is the levee, the $15 billion face- left renovation of those
8:32 am
levees. , we talked about more floodgates, 24 more pumping stations to keep people out of harm's way and out of those flash flood situations. we do have one situation, though, in plaquemines parish, parts of that parish were under a mandatory evacuation. and they were saying if you were living in those low-lying areas around you weren't out by tuesday morning, it was too late because they are so vulnerable to flooding situations. when it is really dangerous conditions like that, folks like the coast guard, they tend
8:33 am
to keep their men and women in arm's reach. >> thank you for the update. take care. well, help for the gulf coast from right here in the bay area. it's on the way now. 61 volunteers with the american red cross have been sent down there. they will be stationed in five states affected -- helping out those affected by isaac. volunteers in florida and texas will be providing shelter and help. and volunteers in louisiana, mississippi and alabama are already evacuation centers. >> we continue our coverage of a massive sinkhole near the san francisco/daly city border.
8:34 am
>> reporter: let me show you this corner here. you talked about the homes that are still blocked. i want to direct your attention to the actual sinkhole. you take a look. you can see there's a piece of plywood sticking straight up and down. that's at an area where the pipe broke and got separated from another pipe. what they did yesterday was they put that plywood in to block off area and they filmed that on purpose to get the debris out. what they are doing now, they are taking out that debris so they can build walls on it. now in terms of how this all
8:35 am
started they don't know what caused this mess. >> i don't know. we're not even 24 hours newspaper it so i'll be working with the engineers to figure out right now the figure. they are cleaning up -- in terms of cleaning it all up, they said the city already said they will foot the bill. >> they said they will -- core the costs of all of the cleans like that, yesterday they told me it will be taken care of. >> do you know how big bill that bell is gonna be, a lot of
8:36 am
work in front of us. we're getting a time frame. in terms of the repair, they say they figure out what caused the break and then it should takes. as far as -- take time after
8:37 am
that. it took more than a quarter century but finally there's closure for the parents of a girl murdered by the so-called speed freak killers. joanne hobson disappeared 27 years ago. investigators believe she died at the hands of the 2 men, shermantine and herzong. >> i hope that wesley has done by come out -- by coming out, he puts all of these families at peace. >> a section of the did dash it's believed that the 2 men killed up to 70 people. another court hair something scheduled for the man
8:38 am
accused of killing soar raw raw lamar. we're not he -- we're told he will not be in court. 15-year-old sierra is -- she disappeared in march. p 8:38. well, happening right now construction work is starting on the future milpitas b.a.r.t. station. transportation workers will begin tearing down existing buildings to make way for a new
8:39 am
party station that will connect -- b.a.r.t. station that will connect. speaking of roads, let's check in with sal. it's one of those things where -- where if you stay at home too late you might run in to this. 880, south looks good here. but just a few miles down the road. i wanted to show you, out of oakland, all of it is slow. it's terrible. it's just getting slower and what's really strange, we haven't had any major crashes. people are not used to the commute yet. and we have all of to slow traffic here in contra costa county. >> let's talk about the -- let's talk with the south bay. coming up on labor day, we get a little bit of a break and it's could back to the grind
8:40 am
again and things usually settle down. but this summer to fall trans-- this is kind of rough for some. >> i believe you too. >> i believe you. >> we have cooler pattern today by the coast. it will still be warm by the coast. just to the west is, the storm surge 6 to 11 feet. i think new orleans has had about 9, i think i saw. i know the lake foodp hands, it starts to rise its energy source. so city-- it's going to be a lot of rain in a short amount of time. as it moves north and falls apart it will give wayne to
8:41 am
areas has it opinion. system the system, it's kind of held right to the coast. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. they are cooler. we had some mid-60s all right -- already. there's some very warm air aloft and without the sea breeze you should not take long to cool up.
8:42 am
low pressure. 8:4 is. you know in parts --le 8:41. in parts of sacramento county, it's okay for chickens to walk down the street. the rhone for the complaint and what may happen to the chickens now [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
8:43 am
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less drama, more fun!
8:45 am
s. republican vice presidential nominee, paul ryan, takes center stage tonight at the republican national convention. as alison burns reports, it's the biggest speech of his career. alison? >> reporter: this is his brig night in the spotlight. he arrived in tampa with his wife and kids yesterday. he was a reputation as a number cruncher dazzling conservative crowds. tonight he's expected to talk about his catholic middle-class upbringing. mitt romney made a surprise appearance at the convex last night after -- convention last night after ann romney spoke.
8:46 am
she stole the show promising her husband would not fail. >> you can trust mitt! >> reporter: new jersey governor, chris christie is taking some pete this morning, for -- some heat this morning for seeming to talk more about himself than mitt romney but. >> reporter: romney campaigns tonight before returning for his big beach. >> stay with us for continuing coverage. we have been em vooing the convention at and we'll continue to bring you
8:47 am
live reports from tampa through tomorrow. this morning, president obama is headed to charlottesville, to virginia. he's wrapping up his 2 day visit and spoke to students in idaho and colorado yesterday. next week, the is delegation will -- he will accept his nomination next stake. >> storm storm sturges will continue in the gulf through tonight. right now, isaac is a category 1 hurricane. >> it's expected to weaken to a tropical storm but it is already -- it -- it has spilled through a levee. uc berkeley say the they of more than 2 dozen ipads on the uc berkeley campus may be an
8:48 am
inside job. 29 were stolen on monday. campus police are also investigating the thefts of an android tabbette and 39 computers. those computers have been -- tablets and 39 computers. those computers have been recovered. firefighters say it be? had concern about toxins. >> reporter: a fire crew is finishing up here. they will p to rove me. but out -- but outside, nearby, about 50%, 50% survived, and
8:49 am
they found the-- >> i did a walk around to see -- i was seeing flames, green, blue, purple and that told me that we had different things burning than different products. we came out that madep it there were no injuries out here an arsonp ten. back out here live you can see a lot of runoff. we're just told the city is done testing the. it reporting live in san jose, so lane, rahn blow.
8:50 am
8:49. a new book about the -- a new -- lorraine blanco. 8:49. a new book about osama bin laden that says that osama bin laden was looking out his door when he was shot contradicts it another account -- when he was shot in the shoulder. >> temperature. acowarding to a new report -- according to a new report,
8:51 am
veterans from heavily populated areas face longer wait times for decisions on war-related disability claims. in california,p. it system while veterans in -- while veterans in nebraska get their benefits before then. it. -- a problem with clickens dumped along the side of the road. now, fair oaks 0 echad 0 be ten -- fair oaks echoed and 100p
8:52 am
they are aggressive. they democrat now, town thru testimony -- the wide birds are even going after the dumped chicken. a san francisco comedy club that's been around for 60 years is now closing its doors. the purpling onian is where the late phyllis debut -- purple onion is where -- is where the late fill its ait phyllis diller made her day due there. police identified three
8:53 am
suspects including lohan, prosecutors say there was not enough evidence to prove she was involved. loy han treat -- tweeted theft agations fence her are lives. it's one of the of the best alibises of the year -- wit bun of the -- one of the best catches of the year. when the township pull kim down, he pucked it twist and the season -- if the season ended today, both the giants and the as would be in the playoffs. >> i think it would be top ten days -- plays of the year. a woman assaulted by somebody impersonating a police officer. b)c
8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
welcome back. police in pleasanton want your help to catch a man impersonating a police officer who sexually assaulted a woman. on august 5th about 3:00 in the morning, police say a woman heard a police siren and saw a flash of light and she pulled
8:57 am
over. the man reportedly pushed a -- flashed a badge and he put her into his car and drove a short distance. >> in the back seat of the car, he sexually assaulted her, brandished a pistol. after that was over, he left in his car. >> the suspect is described as a white man in his late 20s or 30s. he has a muscular build and wore a dark hit with a patent- leather brim. they also say in a real police officer is pulling you over, there should be a solid red light at all times. >> that's really important. one more time, let's check in with sal. what's going on this. >> slow. still very slow. >> northbound, you can see it southbound is also slow come down to 101. also looking at the 880 commute, the highway 4 commute. 80 -- everything is slow here. so give yourself time and i
8:58 am
want to mention the bay bridge that's backed up for about a ten-minute delay. >> let's go to steve. a little cooler by the coast. there's patchy fog there. it will cool down for everybody on thursday, friday. level off on saturday. >> all right. not too bad for labor day weekend. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting us. we'll see you the next time the news breaks. >> and join us for the news at noon and the giant sinkhole. we're always hear at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us.
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